February 2022


It is a fact  that 12th Standard is the turning point of every student’s life. It’s very important to select a career that gives you job satisfaction and allows you to follow your passion as well. There are 3 main streams available after Class 10, namely Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts. So, this article will give...
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11Choosing the best  PU college in Bengaluru?
When it comes to choosing a Pre-University College, Parents and Students look for facilities, faculties,infrastructure,Competitive Exam coaching, and  add-on facilities available at the College. Choosing BEST PU College depends on various factors apart from well-known colleges. 10 Things to consider while choosing a Pre-university College: Board CBSE, ICSE, State Boards are common choices for most...
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  STUDY Environment matters !!! Select One Particular Place to Study and stick on to it. The same place of study gives the cue to your brain and tunes you to get ready to study. Lighting and aeration is very important. Bright light helps the active brain chemicals to secrete well and keeps you alert...
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11What do you mean by Pre-University College?
Pre-university is simply defined as the study done before entering university for graduation. Usually it lasts from one year to two years. Secondary school leavers can enroll in the pre-university programme of their choice to kick start their higher education journey. Pre-university concept is similar to 10th and 12th Standard as per CBSE and ICSE....
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11Introduction to Biology for PU College 
Biology means life. It is the branch in science that deals with the study of living organisms. It is an amazing subject- it is larger than life! Nothing beats the amusement of understanding the world and the environment, the people, plants, animals and microorganisms.  Biology is a subject that one finds in a PUC course...
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11Integrated & Non-Integrated Courses for PU College in Bangalore?
One of the common questions amongst the parents today is “Whether to choose Integrated Courses or Non-Integrated Courses for their kids for PU College”. Parents often seek guidance in terms of commitment, study stress, and student’s learning capacity for these kinds of courses. In Karnataka, the terminology like 1st PU, 2nd PU and Integrated Courses...
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