11Choosing the best  PU college in Bengaluru?

When it comes to choosing a Pre-University College, Parents and Students look for facilities, faculties,infrastructure,Competitive Exam coaching, and  add-on facilities available at the College. Choosing BEST PU College depends on various factors apart from well-known colleges.

10 Things to consider while choosing a Pre-university College:

  • Board

CBSE, ICSE, State Boards are common choices for most of the students. ICSE gives in-depth knowledge of the subjects to the students and scoring marks is difficult. On the other hand CBSE is easier as compared to ICSE. State Boards are comparatively easiest of all and it allows students to focus on competitive exams as well. Both CBSE and State board follow NCERT books.

  • Availability of Integrated Courses

Integrated courses simply provide you education for Competitive exams while studying in 1st and 2nd PU College. With the convenience of studying for Competitive Exams together with PU, gives students an edge over non-integrated course takers. For Science, students study for exams like IIT-JEE, CET, NEET and for Commerce, students study for CA Foundation exams.

  • Infrastructure

Well equipped Lab Facility, Library, Computer Labs,Digital Classrooms for Online Classes, Projector in every Classroom, Fully Wi-Fi Campus, Security Cameras in Campus, Ambulance services are basic requirements for any college campus these days. Apart from that, Theater for Arts & Dramatics, Clubs for activities, In-campus medical facilities are add-ons to the previous facilities.

  • Faculties

Any college with Experienced and Seasoned Teaching staff having experience of more than 6 years in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Hindi & Kannada is one of the basic things to look for. The experienced teachers help you to score a rank in the PU Boards exam.

  • Transportation Facilities

Bus and Van facilities are a must if you stay far away from the campus. Most colleges have bus facilities for their students and faculties. 

  • Extra- Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities help children to develop their social skills and learn how to work in a team to achieve a shared goal. These activities allow your child the opportunity to explore different areas of interest, increase self-confidence, build leadership skills and even improve grades.

  • Add-on Courses

Apart from conventional studies, these days parents and students look for add-on courses like STEM Education, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing etc. Personality development, Public speaking training, Coding, App development, Presentation Skills,Foreign language learning are few of the most demanded add-on learning by the students and parents.

  • Subject Combinations

There are altogether around 50 subject combinations available for Science, Commerce and Arts. top pu colleges in bangalore While choosing a career it is important to pay attention to the subjects combinations as well. Depending on the career choice you make, it is suggested to choose add-on courses and languages as well.

  • New Education Policy 

Now that the New Education Policy ( NEP 2020) has started to be implemented in different states of the country,it will allow students the flexibility of learning and employment. Students now want to work in creative fields like wildlife photography, social media or communications, linguistics, graphic design and fashion.  NEP gives the opportunity to the students to choose to study mathematics with history and sociology. Also, today’s professionals do not stick to a particular job for more than a decade and switch to ones they are passionate about.

  • Hostel facilities

Mostly all the PU colleges are day colleges in Bengaluru, hence don’t provide any hostel facilities to its students.If you are out-of-Bengaluru candidate, then you can look for PU college with hostel facilities or at least nearby PG facilities.

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