• STUDY Environment matters !!!

Select One Particular Place to Study and stick on to it. The same place of study gives the cue to your brain and tunes you to get ready to study. Lighting and aeration is very important. Bright light helps the active brain chemicals to secrete well and keeps you alert and focussed to study. best pu colleges in bangalore Poor lighting aids secretion of Melatonin the sleep aiding brain chemical secretes more and you will feel sleepy soon. Posture is very important. Sitting erect carries the signal to the brain to and fro well and helps in good understanding.

  • STUDY Strategy 

Pre-preparation to Studying is very important. If you had planned to start studying at 6PM, you must get prepared from 5.45 itself, arranging the subject and study material, pen, pencil, rough papers, water etc, to avoid getting up intermittently. Between subjects do take a short break of not more than 10 minutes. You can take a walk, or sit with your eyes closed and relaxed. Plan your time for each subject the previous night. Write your Log book. Write the portion to study in each subject, the next day.  The next morning , have a look at your planning. This helps tune your brain automatically. ANY PLANNING WITHOUT ACTION AND ALL ACTIONS WITHOUT PLANNING-BOTH ARE USELESS. So live up to your plans and follow them meticulously. By the end of the day, before retiring to sleep, spend 15 minutes going through the Log book for actions completed and what remains as pending. When planning for the next day’s study portions, give priority to the previous day’s uncompleted lessons. DO NOT PASS ONTO THE NEXT ONE UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER.This helps in sequencing your study and not omitting any portions from learning.

  • STUDY focus

Unit wise, first understand the Heading of the chapter—what does that say; why must you read that; Where is it useful? Question Your understanding by putting yourself to “4 W and 1H”; What, Why, When, Where and How? Focus on Sub topics in each unit. Prepare a “FLOW CHART” Heading of the chapter as Main and sub topics under the Main Heading. This covers the entire chapter in half a page. Take each sub topic as Main Heading and note down salient points under each sub topic. By doing all sub topics using FLOW CHART, you will consolidate the entire chapter in 3 to 4 pages. This will be very useful at the time of revision, especially the previous day/evening/night of the EXAM DAY. Writing makes a person perfect. Write the most important questions under each chapter as many times as possible till you get them to your “TIP OF THE TONGUE”. 


Practice a minimum of two previous years question papers, to gain the speed of writing, with the same time duration. best pu colleges in bangalore ALL THE NEW LEARNING SHOULD STOP 15 DAYS BEFORE THE EXAM COMMENCES. Those 15 days are to be used only for revision with a plan of study. The subject you would be writing on the first day should be planned for reading the last 2 days prior to the Examination.

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