11PU Karnataka State Board benefits for KCET

Are you preparing for Competitive Exams like IIT-JEE, NEET or KCET during your Pre-University College? If your answer is YES, then let’s dive deeper into the benefits of choosing State Board over CBSE, ICSE or any other board.

5 Reasons to choose Karnataka State Board for PU Studies:

  • Relatively Easy Syllabus

A total of 6 subjects are being taught at PU level. Two are languages, out of which English is compulsory and second language can be State PU Board follows NCERT Books which is common to CBSE, but the level of questions asked in final board exams are relatively easier. It helps students to score good marks in 2nd PU.

  • More time to prepare for Competitive Exams

Most of the students go for Integrated courses during 1st and 2nd PU studies. This allows them to prepare for competitive exams parallelly.Syllabus being similar as for IIT-JEE, NEET & KCET, students find it easier to devote more time to polish their question solving skills as per competitive exam level.

  • 2nd PU Marks being considered in CET 

The marks obtained in second PUC are considered for KCET and also play a vital role in your CET ranking.  KCET rank will be calculated by considering the performances in KCET and  Board marks BM (qualifying examination) as well. BM is the marks scored in the 2nd PU exam. Suppose you scored 95% in 2nd PU, then your BM  is 95%.

Let us assume that you scored 150 marks in KCET out of 180 marks, then 83% is your KCET marks. And, in 2nd PU you scored 280 out of 300 (PCM or PCB Marks), then BM is 93%

Formula to calculate rank is:

R= {(%KCET+%BM)/200}×100

So, Rank according to above example will be : {(83+93)/200}* 100=88

  • Preparatory exams before Final Boards Exams

In Karnataka PU Board, it is compulsory for PU colleges to conduct 1st, 2nd and 3rd preparatory exams in 2nd PU. During these exams, a model question paper is being provided by the PU Board for student’s practice. Through this exercise, students are able to score more marks in final board examinations. If you want to study in Best PU College in Bangalore, then MVM PU College Yelahanka is the right place for you.

  • Same Syllabus as Competitive Exams

Although the level of questions asked in Engineering or Medical entrance exams are completely different, both follow NCERT Syllabus. Even in Karnataka state board PU Colleges, the NCERT books for all the subjects are followed. This removes the extra burden from the students to study separately for competitive exams.

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