11The Vast Array of Career Options that the PCMB Stream Opens Up for Students

A student opting for the PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology) subjects used to traditionally have vocational options of Engineering and Medical Sciences. Also, a major chunk of their choices used to come from the ‘herd mentality’ the students used to possess a few years back.

However, on the contrary, students of the present era are well-informed and reasonable decision-makers. Also, it is pertinent to mention that over the last 3 decades, game-changing developments in the economy and instantaneous advancements in the field of technology have taken place. As a result, they have opened up an array of career options for future generations.

So, in this article today, we, at MVM PU College, recognized among the best PU colleges in Bangalore, will shed light on some of such highly viable career options that PCMB students can put their hands on. Read on.

  • Physicist

Popularly known as ‘Sherlock Homes’ of the world of physics, the career of a physicist deals with startling disclosures about the cosmos, matter, and energy. Their job pertains to investigating the fundamental laws of matter, interpreting their configuration and character, the transmission of energy as well as exchanges between matter and energy. They are expected to be exceptionally inquisitive and inventive in their approach while inventing modern technologies. Their domain needs them to be regularly updated about each and every development in the world of science. Thus, anyone having an inclination for troubleshooting, numbers, and conversation can make a mark for himself/herself as a physicist.

  • Biochemical Engineer

Biochemical engineers basically research about the processes of our body and study the operations and functions of cells and enzymes happening inside our bodies. Furthermore, they help in formulating medications and compounds to enhance and refine these systems pertaining to our bodies. Therefore, they are expected to be well co-ordinated, have an ingenious bent of mind and problem-solving aptitude.

  • Molecular Biologist

A person who studies genetics and the life cycle of all organisms, i.e., human beings, plants, and animals, is a Molecular Biologist. He/she analyses, inquires, and debates about differences in the molecular ratios and evolution processes of human beings and other organisms. They are deemed responsible for modifying molecular ratios to deter diseases and also look for their antidotes. Their highly binding affinities create excellent chances for them as researchers, scholars, educators in government, semi-government and non-government institutes. Anyone with a knack to decipher some of life’s complicated questions can carve a niche for himself in this profession.

  • Forensic Scientist

Forensic Scientists, also known as Forensic Experts or Investigation Scientists, act as the eyes of all the legal agencies in criminal matters. They are masters in investigating the crime scene, collecting the proofs and pieces of evidence, and then conveying their findings established on the report results. Most of the time, it’s an in-the-laboratory job, except for the court hearings where they are presented as testimonies if required. They are expected to be familiar with the part forensics play in the legal framework, accurate in their methods, exceptionally good in written as well as verbal communications. Anyone with eyes as sharp as a falcon and a brain as bright as an orangutan can do wonders by opting for this field as his/her career.

  • Pharmacist

Pharmacists are as vital as doctors! From developing a drug to performing its laboratory testing and examining its reaction on various patients, pharmacists do it all. In other words, at times, they perform the role of a chemist, a clinical research associate, a drug inspector, and even a med representative.

  • Last but not least, Defence Forces!

One exceptional career option that the PCMB stream opens up for students is to be a part of the Indian Defence Forces by entering one of the tri-services – The Indian Army, The Indian Navy, and The Indian Air Force. Any student with Mathematics and Physics as mandatory subjects in HSC/ Intermediate, with Chemistry/Biology, is eligible for the written examination.

Of all vocations, a career in Defence is the most honorable, distinguished, and certainly the eminent one! Having Defence as a career is a chance to serve one’s nation. Besides, it makes a person disciplined, tough, and someone with a strong sense of duty. Along with the minimum qualification, what is required is courage, intelligence, integrity, and a high standard of physical fitness to take up this prestigious career!

Conclusively, it could be deciphered that a PCMB student has the upper hand in choosing from a wide array of career options available for both PCM and PCB categories. Besides, the option of going ahead with a career in Arts, including a fraction of science, is always there.

Thus, if you too wish to make a career in any of the above domains, proceed in your education journey ahead with the PCMB stream. And we, at MVM PU College, one of the best PU colleges in Bangalore, are right here to provide you with the best kind of guidance and backing to get a firm footing in the niche. So, put an end to looking up for “Best PU colleges near me” on Google, and register with us right away to kick start your expedition to success!