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Gone are the days when it was a norm for the so-called “good students” to pursue a career only in the science stream. Students these days don’t fall for society’s ancient standards. Be it finance, accounting, or management, commerce is one such stream that is becoming more and more relevant in today’s job market.

From investment banking to chartered accounting, today, commerce students have a wide array of career options to choose from. However, deciding your career path right after graduation can be an arduous task as you might have to establish an alignment between your work interests and the lucrativeness of the job profile.

So today, we, at MVM PU College, one of the best PU colleges for commerce in Bangalore, have brought forth this article for all those ambitious minds willing to pursue commerce as their graduation stream but are confused about the job opportunities they can put their hands on upon completing their graduation. So, let’s begin and get to you the most attractive careers waiting for you ahead.

Chartered Accounting (CA):

CA can be your definition of a “dream job” if you are passionate about money management and have an eye for accuracy! Almost all kinds of organizations hire CAs to manage their finances. The routine tasks might include filing tax returns, keeping a record of various investments, auditing financial records, etc.

In our country, India, a candidate must pass three levels of training to become a certified CA. These are CPT (Common Proficiency Test), IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course), and FC (Final Course). Graduate students can skip CPT and directly appear for IPCC.

Investment Banking:

An investment banker is someone who works with companies and firms to provide advice regarding money management and achieving their financial goals. They help the companies in making long-term and short-term financial decisions. It is considered one of the highest-paying jobs across the world. It will be a great field of work for you if you have great analytical and reasoning skills.

Cost Accounting:

Cost accountants are financial experts who help with a company’s budget preparations and profit analysis. The responsibilities include managing the assets and costs of a company and preparing a suitable budget by analyzing the company’s performance. The cost accountant is a part of the executive team and is responsible for reducing the expenditure of a company and increasing the income. You can opt for cost accounting if you have a sound understanding of business, great analytical and technical skills, and an eye for details.

Company Secretary (CS):

If you are someone with great organizational skills and have a deep understanding of business rules, CS might be a great career option for you. The role of CS comes with a lot of responsibilities like ensuring a company’s compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements, maintaining legal filings such as tax obligations and account information, managing the logistics of board meetings, and serving as an important link between the board and the stakeholders. This job offers a high salary package and tremendous opportunities for growth.

Marketing Manager:

A marketing manager is someone who is responsible for the success of a company’s products and services. They understand the customer requirements and develop strategies to drive sales. It is a lucrative option if you are passionate about how the market works and are great at people skills.

Now that you have a fair idea of all the attractive opportunities waiting for you, consider yourself fortunate if you have opted for the commerce stream for your higher studies. And we, at MVM PU College, ranked among the best PU colleges for commerce in Bangalore, are right here to provide you with not just top-notch education but also the guidance and support you would need on your path ahead.

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